FABtastic!!!  By Lori A Alicea

To be or not to be…
That is the question.
William Shakespeare

Yes, those are my fight’n words,
My rally cry,
My personal anthem,

My decision to wake up every morning and decide…

To be fabulous…
To be fantastic

You know, FABtastic…

Or, at least feel that way by putting in my time at the gym alongside my friend Sandra, who has her own personal anthem each morning when the alarm sounds off.

We’re all a “work in progress”, aren’t we?

I’d do myself a world of good if I’d break up with my boyfriend bread…

My abs could pass a military inspection with one bounce of a quarter;
Instead, I have to hit the dirt and give the Drill Sergeant fifty of everything.

But it’s all FABtastic…

I still feel fabulous…
I still feel fantastic

I’m not afraid to sweat.

Ab and leg machines, you don’t scare me.

To date, I haven’t set off the lunk alarm and this judgement free zone
embraces my FABtastic… self; head band and leg warmers alike.


Kidding aside,

Might we all look in the mirror and see a FABtastic reflection.

Might we see the FABtastic people right in front of us.

The fabulous, the fantastic, those
beautiful people planted everywhere in the garden of our lives;

Thoughtfully remembering…

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Inside and out…

My arms are full from the bouquet of wild flowers I’ve gathered during the membership years at my favorite gym.

You don’t have to walk too many miles on the treadmill to recognize familiar faces over time.

You begin to notice their good days, their bad days, before you’ve even shared a single word with them.

Crossing paths in the locker room, you sometimes find yourself in small talk with those who occasionally let their guard down and allow my workout friend and me to pray over their circumstance.

One woman having surgery, cried right there in the open gym, who longed for her mother during those recovery weeks which followed; who sadly passed away a few years prior.

My friend and I along with another woman exercising joined in our circle of comfort and prayer.

I silently pray for the couple we befriended a few months back, whose husband appears to be battling something with the recent loss of his hair.

I rejoiced in the beautiful person I ran into the other day, but hadn’t seen in months after the amputation of his foot, who acknowledged me with a wave and a smile going from one machine to the next, still continuing to exercise albeit a new normal.

I once was in awe of the beautiful mother who led around and taught her adult son; one visually impaired the mechanics of the machines.

I’ve enjoyed watching young fathers and their Little League sons build strength for the summer game as well as their relationship.

An adult son touched our heart recently as we watch him day after day share an exercise regimen and quality time alongside his older father, whose dad could have been a former politician, waving and making conversation with anyone who engages him.

The son just smiles and follows his father throughout the gym, then meets him at home for a cup of coffee.

These two became a member of our FABtastic circle of friends.

God created every one of us…

To be fabulous…
To be fantastic

And yes, FABtastic…

We need to know ourselves as FABtastic, to see ourselves beautiful in the eyes of God who fashioned us in His reflection and image.

I might have a little bit of work to do with my FABtastic inner self, as my twelve year old grandson thinks I’m allergic to fun, since I’m reluctant to swim or go down the water-slide in a bathing suit.

My grandson is probably right.

Actually though, in an attempt to encourage my FABtastic self, I did purchase two different bathing suits for my debut to the water-park, but sighed in relief when a calendar conflict put those suits on hold for next year.

Sorry Bubs.

Might we see the FABtastic in ourselves and in people before us.

The fabulous, the fantastic, those
beautiful people planted everywhere in the garden of our lives;

Always remembering…

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

Inside and out…

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Author Lori A Alicea and her beloved husband David of 29 years thank you for sharing a moment of your day with them at Apples of Gold Encouragement. It is their desire you experience their heart for family, love, encouragement and God through the words God has put on Lori’s heart to write. They are hopeful you discover a few treasures of encouragement, realizing we all share common threads in our lives. Be blessed in your day.

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