A Christmas Child is Born By Lori A Alicea

With the Christmas celebration almost here, most have found themselves weary from the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, baking, serving and gift giving; myself included.  

With the traditions of the season keeping us overwhelmed in the details, I find myself guilty of glossing over the true reason while we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Savior.

With children and grandchildren seated beside the tree come Christmas morning, it’s every parents dream to bless them with gifts from the heart. While putting smiles and magic into a child’s holiday is wonderful, this year I long to pause and ask myself the question: “Have I set aside a meaningful gift for Jesus?”After all, he truly is the reason for the season.

Come December 25, Jesus will receive this song from my heart, honoring what he wrapped and gave to us all at Christmas; Himself.

It’s not too late to find that perfect gift for Christ on Christmas morning.

A Christmas Child is Born By Lori A Alicea

Two thousand years ago began,  the story of one night. Appears to shepherds keeping watch, an angel caused them fright.

The angel said, be not afraid. I bring you news of joy. The Savior has been born to you, the barn he sleeps this boy.  

In Bethlehem, a sign awaits, where swaddling clothes are worn.  When find a manger bed, rejoice, the Christmas child was born. Jesus Resting on a Manger

The shepherds left their flocks at night, in Bethlehem they went. They hurried off, amazed to see, the child that Heaven sent. A7B196C1-0F72-4506-AEB0-C777AAA46E56

That night a Christmas star appeared, from East three Wiseman see.   The star would lead them to their King,  the place this child would be. wisemen following star

Bowed down three Wiseman worshipped him, this child’s face behold. Presenting myrrh and frankincense, to him their gifts of gold. 3AD1E282-5D1E-4250-ADB2-10DE43309096

A barn received Immanuel, no royal robes were worn. Expecting grand, so many missed, a Christmas child was born. 6B4B4ADB-6C1C-4278-897E-4C5E944F393D

Dear Lord, the shepherds left it all, to see if it was true. The stories told them long ago, to get a glimpse of you.

Might I be willing, leave behind, the minute when you call. Might I be stirred for one small glimpse, of you to leave it all.

The Wiseman traveled far because, their heart was for their King.  Prepared to share their love for him, arms full of gifts they bring.  

Might I come bearing gifts myself, for you this Christmas day. Surrendered heart I give to you, my life, please have your way.

This Christmas child no room for him, no vacancy the inn. Two thousand years ago one night, his story does begin.

Remind me when I leave no room, or vacancies within. No guest room but the Master Suite, reserved for you my Inn.

And though from heaven you were sent, to live with us on earth. The baby born a manger lay, a barn received your birth.

Might I allow you to grow up, from manger where you lay. Who died for me then live again, on Resurrection Day.

Dear Lord you are my gift today, a treasure wrapped in Thee.  Immanuel, our God with us, my present ‘neath the tree.


They’re all good, aren’t they?

In a grandparent’s eyes, their grandchildren, each and every one of them, make the “Good List” come December. Just send your grandparent a greeting card wearing Christmas jammies and find yourself on the “Very Good List”.

Yes, grandparents know their babies have those “bad days” from time to time.
hollis pjBut don’t you worry kids; your name stays on our “Good List” throughout the month of December and beyond.
rosalee pjGrandkids are something else.

You ask them if they’ve been good, and there’s always that one whose suspicious look and reply has you both wondering and laughing under your breath;

Oh, I’ve been good… pinky, promise good.
cova hollis face babyGood or bad, a grandparent’s heart is to give good gifts to their grandchildren. Grandchildren don’t earn our love by accumulating enough good stickers.  Nor can they lose our love by those checkmarks of bad behavior next to their name.

“We love” is reason enough to give.
We give because we love.

There are no strings attached to a grandparent’s love in giving.

Well, unless you consider the strings that tug your heart when a grandchild’s bare feet on a wood floor are heard racing the halls searching and calling your name. In these treasured moments a grandparent scoops up this child, surrendering his keys to the toy store.
IMG_4654No matter our age, our Heavenly Father delights in his children running and searching the halls, calling out for him and his whereabouts.

There are no “good days or bad days” that ever jeopardize his love for us.

And just like a father or grandfather, God loves to give good gifts to his children.

If you…. know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! Matthew 7:11 (NIV)

In fact, our Heavenly Father’s best gift came to us as baby.
2017 xmas jammies kizzy mae 1The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, (which means “God with us”.) Matthew 1: 23 NIV

A baby who would grow up and give his life in exchange for our life; yes our Heavenly Father’s best gift at Christmas came to us wrapped as a baby.

We didn’t earn it. We didn’t deserve it.
But God loved us enough to still give his very best, his only son.

If the bottom of your tree seems bare and empty come December 25, remember a good Father doesn’t show up empty handed. He gives good gifts.  He lavishes himself on his children.

This dad is beside himself, anxious for you to see and remember the blessings from the gift of his son this Christmas and all year long. If this is your first Christmas with Him, your Heavenly Dad can’t wait for you to open and receive this wonderful gift of his son into your heart.

In a grandparent’s eyes, their grandchildren, each and every one of them, make the “Good List” come December and beyond.
2017 aubrey xmas jammies 6In our Heavenly Father’s eyes, his children are always on the good list.  No “good stickers” or “checkmarks” beside our name ever earn or jeopardize his love for us.

There are no strings attached to the gifts bearing his name and affectionate love.

Unless you consider the strings that tug on his heart, when the sound of bare feet on wood floors are heard running and searching the halls, calling out for their Heavenly Dad.

Pinky Promise.