He seemed so happy in his work.

An unassuming window washer brightening up the view of rooms overlooking an ocean through the crystal clear panes he sparkled that day; performing a task most prefer to hire out, yet doing so with a notable smile.4CB60941-5C85-4D22-A9A2-CD616CEC1C78

Exhausted from the weeks of our packing and barely mustering a smile while deep cleaning the stove, the joy of a window washer caused me to re-think my bad attitude with a comment of curiosity, ”You seem so happy in your work.”


The son of a window washer responded as a high school sophomore beginning his career.

Charging a dollar a window back then to a business attorney, this student would pass an exam he didn’t know he was taking, and reap the rewards of a hard day’s work.

Impressed with a young man’s ethics, the honest attorney revealed a market place estimate of $800 for washing his windows; a salary he then paid to a high school sophomore.

Going forward as a regular customer, the attorney mentored this entrepreneur in the matters of business.

Now recently graduating with a degree in engineering,  I inquired of this young man’s business of washing windows.

Referring to the two apprentices he brought along that day, the window washer warmed my heart when he stated the business was being gifted to them; a husband and wife team he’d been mentoring in the matters of business; yes, sowing in another man’s field as an attorney once did for him.121F4CE7-1713-4723-974D-F0C2053AFE61

The seeds of a generous business attorney was now reaping a harvest into a third generation of window washers; all happy in their work.

I once read:

”If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Words I believe must have been inspired by a high school sophomore washing windows.13B564DF-A1FF-490C-9AFD-4571EA96F134