When head-over-heels in love with wedding bells anxious to toll, you’ve most likely dreamed of sharing life bordered by a white picket fence, with a fairy tale story waiting to be told of two people growing old together.

Little girls keep their happily-ever-after secrets locked under key in the diaries of their innocent hearts, these starry eyed dreamers living life to THE END with her handsome prince on a white horse.

In reality though, when you’re thirty-three and thirty-six years of age and wake up to your long awaited wedding day dream, newly married minds aren’t imagining life and age in their parent’s shoes, much less growing old together, as growing old is a chapter found at the back of your fairy-tale storybook.

Fairy-tale pages which never reveal though how quickly time passes when you blink.

wedding parents

Then we blinked.

A bride and her groom have been turning the pages of their fairy-tale love story for twenty-seven years, and the unread volumes have found these two on the mountain edge of suspense, holding their breath as giddy children at Christmas for the next chapter to unfold.

Here we are,

Growing old together,

Though not a reflection of getting old together and sharing a rocking chair into the sunset.

No, a beautiful reflection of growing closer together while we age, a celebration of all the years and chapters God has breathed and written with his own hands into our one-of-a-kind love story.

Growing old together

Is a place a gratitude not longing for the “big things” of your neighbors, but realizing the “little things” are the “big things” in the one who holds the key to the front door of your heart.

Growing old together

Sees and enjoys the simple pleasures as a front row seat to the best life, not bought but lovingly prepared and given with the other in mind.

Growing old together

Mines for hidden treasures of wisdom, the rubies and diamonds of legacy and love to live by example, a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest for their children and grandchildren to follow and receive as their direction and inheritance from parents and grandparents who discovered these truths while growing old together.

Growing old together

Has learned to embrace and appreciate the color changes of winter, spring, summer or fall of their life, as every curtain call from one season to the next introduces a new landscape, a new day and opportunity to begin again.

Growing old together

Is being fully present, fully aware that we stand in the presence of a Holy God through every faithful sunset kissing goodnight our evening, in the unfathomable number of grains He alone has counted on our sandy dunes, to taking comfort in our Creator who knows the galaxy of stars each by name, and how much more intimately aware and present he is in the lives of us.

Growing old together

Remembers the time and place, the church, the isle and altar a bride and groom received each other through vows and rings of committed love, opening their wedding album of pictures to rekindle the magic of their storybook marriage every anniversary spent among the memories of their honeymoon cottage.

Growing old together

Is blind to the outward beauty which fades in the afternoon sun of time, yet has eyes to enjoy the inner loveliness which satisfies every longing of the heart.

Growing old together

Holds onto one another, never letting go, giving not a thought to giving up.
Because with God,
Love never fails.

…love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
Love never fails.
1 Corinthians 13:7-8 (NIV)

Growing old together

Buries in the past those trespasses we’ve forgiven each other for, a final good-by of yesterday’s hurts as we open the gate of freedom as Jesus does, where our trespasses are remembered no more.

Growing old together

Remembers in our saying “I Do” at the wedding altar,
yours and mine became ours,
a miracle called oneness of spirit, soul, and body occurred;
a three stranded cord not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12)

Your family became my family.
My people became your people.

We broke bread together among each other’s tables,
Giving birth to memories at celebrations of all kinds; birthdays, graduations, weddings and yes, even funerals.

Families still celebrate and live life together, while some of its members now live in eternity.

This, the most difficult of growing old together lies in those family ships set sailing for the harbor shores of heaven, leaving those left behind comforted of a great reunion already ship sail

Growing old together
Is at its best, when surrounded by family, 
Those with us and those with us, inside…

Thank you for the best twenty-seven years of my life.
I’d grow old all over again with you.

wedding kiss 27 years later

27 REASONS FOR 27 YEARS! By Lori A Alicea

How do I love thee?
Let me count thy ways.
Elizabeth Barret Browning

For twenty-seven years, we’ve been counting, appreciating, and naming our blessings each and every one that David and I have shared together as husband and wife.

Not taking for granted what God has joined together in holy matrimony twenty-seven years ago this October.

But when the “unexpected” attacks from the back door of your heart, you run and retreat to the arms of Jesus in Thanksgiving for another day, appreciating and counting our blessings,

How do I love thee?
Let me count thy ways.
Elizabeth Barret Browning


David and I are simple people.

We don’t require much but don’t mind telling the world how much we need each other; especially if the reasons we love each other in the simple ways that we do are the reasons we’re still together twenty-seven years later from our wedding day.

David and I can be seen wherever we go, still holding hands after all these years.

We take the long way home whenever we can to enjoy the beauty of God’s country and the company we keep together.

DRIVING sighseeing
So easy to please yet full of adventure, we’ve discovered God’s hidden treasures in each other over a cup of coffee,

And a bicycle ride around the block.

Gifts are rarely purchased as the only present we unwrap each year is a secluded anniversary getaway to our honeymoon cottage by the lake; a weekend of remembering, celebrating, and dreaming most responsible for our genuine love for one another.

All because two people fell in love and blended their lives as one family, our love is celebrated in the marriages of our children, with one still waiting her turn to walk the wedding isle, rejoicing over the son and two daughters we’ve added to the family Bible in these Godly unions.

Ten beautiful grandchildren call us Papa and Gaga and our joy explodes on the pages of our legacy we pass down to them.

Our most memorable summer highlights are best made at the little field, with sluggers and cheerleaders emptying Papa’s pockets at the concession stand for bags of buttered popcorn, hot dogs and sticky ring pops.

David puts no limit on tulle, glitter or glam in our house; shrugging off being teased for the sparkle that follows him to work.

On weekends David makes up our bed of a million pillows without any sign of an eye roll.

David is no stranger to dishes or laundry either.

He seriously serves me without being asked;
David is celebrated man of the year, every day of the year in our house.

For twenty-seven years David has been my personal mechanic. He has taken engines down to the bare nothing and put them back together again like a magician. We have never driven fancy cars or new cars either. David has traded in his Chevelle SS dreams for older wheels and freedom without payments and complaints.

Our best dates are spent driving the back roads in search of our dream house, a log cabin wrapped with a big red bow and a gift tag reminding us, “With God, all things are possible.”

David has served my mother and husband Roger in the best of times, and when death darkened their door for years; earned every Boy Scout badge imaginable.

mom and roger
I am reminded on a daily basis how beautiful I am in David’s eyes, regardless of all the extras I see in my mirrors reflection.

David encourages my dreams and we could never imagine one without the other.

Our only wish would have been to meet each other years ago, but remain eternally thankful for the twenty-seven years we’ve enjoyed together and counting.

marry gifts tree

While our international passport is empty of any travel stamps,
David and I have taken incredible adventures with God around the world, each requiring great leaps of faith.

While our bank account balance might say otherwise, David and I are rich in ways and love money could never afford.

wedding family david and lori
Home is wherever we are together.

HOME wanatah goodyby 9

We live each day believing in the power of prayer.

PRAYER 2019 cumbee ayva praying
Our love for Christ is the rich legacy we pass to the next generation; the same legacy river which flowed down to us.

David and I are simple people.

We don’t require much but don’t mind telling the world how much we need each other; especially if the reasons we love each other in the simple ways that we do are the reasons we’re still together twenty-seven years later from our wedding day.

A day we’d do over and over again.

HIS STORY, Written Thru Me and You!  By Lori A Alicea

The most beautiful love story ever written was inspired 

In the beginning…

When a personal God who had no need;

Yet chose to draw from the deep waters of his love and pour onto those whose names he already knew before the beginning.

A love story whose pages drip from the continual drawing of His heart

As He prepares a place of paradise for them spoken during the beginning five days with
Let there be!”

Which culminates on the sixth day when God’s reflection mirrors back to Himself, when His personal hands mold and create and breathe life into the first marriage made in His own image;

A union He blessed and told to be fruitful and multiply.

Standing back to look at Himself through the eyes of His likeness, God saw what He made was very good.

God thought of me in the beginning.
God thought of you in the beginning.

God, who had no need, yet chose to create us and express a love for us in His image we’ve shared from the beginning.

A most beautiful love story titled,
HIS STORY, Written thru Me and You.”

We were created to commune with God.

We were created in His likeness to reflect our Father’s character, to re-tell His story through our lives when we love others in our patience, forgiveness, faithfulness and kindness as our Heavenly Father generously does with us.

HIS STORY engraves in so many chapters our invaluable worth which comes not from our earthly possessions earned in this life, but in God choosing to give us the miraculous gift of life itself.

The days of our lives are to be lived out through the sentences and paragraphs of HIS STORY, Written Thru Me and You.

Because in HIS STORY you’ll read how God in the beginning, intimately knew us before our mother ever did; before He knitted us inside her womb.

In HIS STORY you’ll discover the secret plans God has prepared for our lives which can only be unearthed in the mining of our Father’s heart.

In HIS STORY, you’ll be reminded of a personal God who knows us each by name as he also does the incalculable number of stars in the midnight sky.

The details of our life are buried in the chapters where God still draws from the deep waters of his love, pages drenched in the writing as He continues to count the hairs on our head, keeps vigil of us with every second and minute hand of the clock, gathers our tears in a bottle, and delights to give us the desires of our heart.

As the mirror is a constant reminder of the likeness we share of our Heavenly Father, might we also reflect His kindness, patience, forgiveness and love we read from the soaked pages of HIS STORY, written from under the faucet of His love.

God thought of me in the beginning.
God thought of you in the beginning.

God, who had no need, yet chose to create us and express a love for us in His image we’ve shared from the beginning.

We were created in His likeness to reflect the heart of our Heavenly Father.

The pages of our life are written in a beautiful love story titled,
HIS STORY, Written thru Me and You.”

Words to capture your heart for a lifetime.

floral ceramic cup and saucer above open book
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… Sometimes we need to be reminded
about the love story God has written
about our life before our days were even one.

Before I ever breathed my first,
Before I knew my name.
You knit me in my mother’s womb,
You formed my tiny frame.

You marveled in my secret place,
A poem of words could quote.
The pages of your thoughts of me,
A pen, your story wrote.

antique book close up handwriting
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 The details of my life you penned,
Page one unto The End.
You wrote before my days were one,
So much to comprehend.

I marvel at this book you write,
Such dreams you have for me.
And touchable the moon and stars,
If I would reach for Thee.

unrecognizable young father with little child walking on beach
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Your pen which captures every word,
Your heart, each page conceal.
A Father bid’s me to Himself,
With secrets to reveal.

The many chapters of this book,
You write that others see.
That through the windows of my days,
Your love reflects through me.

baby looking through car window
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Forgive me when I take your pen,
Your perfect words despite.
And choose to change the narrative,
And pages dare re-write.

black and white typewriter on black table
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But yet the story does remain,
A Father’s love through me.
Who waits until I turn the page,
And take the hand of Thee.

boys brother children country
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To live the life He wrote for me,
With dreams among the moon.
Which wait their turn to be revealed,
In chapters coming soon.

sephia photography of desk lamp lightened the gray typewriter on wooden table
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A diary you kept for me,
Inspired words, devote.
This love you want to live through me,
A pen, your story wrote.

diary with flowers between pages on crumpled fabric
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15My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

16Your eyes saw my unformed body;
the days ordained for me were written
your book before one of them came to be.

17How precious to me are your thoughts,
Oh, How vast is the sum of them!
Psalm 139:15-17 (NIV)