…A dedication to an all powerful God, whose spoken word filled the earth.  (Genesis 1)  An all powerful God who calms the storms (Mark 4:39 KJV), heals the sick (Matthew 9:35 KJV), straightens the crooked legs to walk (John 5:8 KJV), gives sight to the blind and unstops deaf ears.  (Isaiah 35:5 KJV)  Everything changes with one word from you…

One word from you, one simple word,
Is all you need to speak.
One word and everything can change,
Amazed if eyes will seek.

One word, like brushstrokes in your hand,
A canvas blank before.
A symphony of syllables,
You paint the skies and shore.

music notes
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shallow focus photography of paintbrush
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The birds they spread their wings to fly,
They soar the canvas blue.
The artist’s hand he fills the sky,
One simple word from you.

seabirds flying over calm rippling sea
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The water’s dance you choreographed,
At shore they bow a knee.
Applause from gentle waves is heard,
These brushstrokes “Let there be.”

scenic view of ocean during sunset
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The window of the night we see,
The moon, its watch begun.
You kept the light on in the dark,
Until the waking sun.

brown wooden dock
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One word, the sun it warms our day,
And smiles while we’re awake.
These rays that shine upon our face,
One word is all it takes.

frozen wave against sunlight
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One word, bouquets of fragrant blooms,
Perfume ascends the air.
The colors of the rainbow sky,
He paints the gardens there.

purple and pink flowers under white clouds during day time
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One word, he sees these towers tall,
The trees that give us shade.
And baskets full of fruit they bear,
His words, thy hand hath made.

branches of tree with fruits
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One word, we see the seasons change,
The summer, spring and fall.
When nature sleeps in winter cold,
Your words, designed them all.

orange and blue and white snow forest
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One word from you, one simple word,
Is all you need to speak.
One word and everything can change,
Amazed if eyes will seek.

music notes
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You calm the storms that toss our boat,
Commands the waves, “Be still.”
That we might rest in you alone,
And trust the words you will.

a wooden boat on the beach
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The lame obey one word from you,
And listen when you talk.
Their crooked limbs go straight to hear,
Rise up. Rise up and walk.”

One word and mountains move from here,
Blind eyes, again they see.
Deaf ears unstop to hear the words,
The Master speaks to thee.

man standing in mountains
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The brushstrokes of the artist’s hand,
Unique, each canvas one.
A symphony of syllables,
A Masterpiece is done.

shallow focus photography of paintbrush
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Sticks and stones
May break my bones.

But words ????
 Will never cause me pain???
Will never break my heart???
Will never break me????
Will never hurt me???

One afternoon my husband and I were out riding our bicycles together when we stopped to look at this rock garden school children had personally grown. Hand painted stones with word-messages from a child’s imagination and decorated in their own colorful flair, a spring concert of sorts, where the music and song is played to your own interpretation.

Observing this garden of rocks, I was sadly reminded of the stones we all have thrown on occasion in a heated moment of hurt, hurling our words of opinions, words in defense against accusation or words to protect ourselves from pain. Our “volley of words” resembles a bully’s way of taking control by casting stones.

Sassy kids have all said it. Myself as a child included.
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

How far from the truth this is.

At our child’s middle school graduation, I remember the commencement message like it was yesterday as it left an indelible mark. The speaker spoke on the power of words and the handprint they leave on a child’s heart.  Reminding us that words are “containers for life or death” and their lifetime impact over our children could be
“measured in smiles.”

The Commencement Speaker rewinds the movie of this graduation class to their first day of kindergarten when smiles were bright and endless. A simple world of cartoons and playgrounds, their joy was written all over their face in smiles.  Happiness abounds in their land of balloons and fireflies.  But sadly, it doesn’t take long when a child’s garden clutters from the sticks and stones of another’s negative words, crowding out their innocence and smiles.  Over the years of neglect and not weeding out the clutter, sticks and stones can overtake the garden of a middle school graduate and possibly an adult.
IMG_3159But hope is not lost.
hopeGardens grow and blossom with seeds sown in joy and kindness.
hope joy love be kindLove can thrive and brighten smiles in any garden, especially a garden of hurt and overgrown in sticks and stones.
We are reminded that our words be gracious and sweet as honeycomb and pleasing in our Lord’s sight.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  Proverbs 16:24

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.  Psalm 19:24

Just the other day I received a text message, words sweetened in a child’s love causing a bright smile on this grandmother’s face. My seven year old granddaughter spelled out her itinerary for our weeks visit together, a list of ways she wanted to spend time with me.

This is my itinerary when you are here. I want us to make pancakes, biscuits and gravy, roast, chicken noodle soup.  I want to go to the park and on walks.  I want to cuddle with you.  Make books and read books.  I want to sleep with you and do make up together.  I love you.  Also, there’s one more thing.  I want to stay up with you and make cookies.
 Next time you see a child whose smile is dimmed; his smile might be measured from the sticks and stones of his garden.

Come along side this child and speak words of peace, joy and kindness to him.
bee kindGenerously water his garden in love.

This child’s smile will shine bright again.
His garden will surely grow.

The season of spring has come upon us.
It’s time to weed out our garden’s clutter.

It’s time to clear our land of sticks and stones, those words that have kept our gardens from blooming.

3 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under the heaven…

    a time to scatter stones… Ecclesiastes 3

It’s time to prepare our heart’s soil to receive good seeds, those words full of love, peace, joy and kindness to help our garden grow.
hope joy love be kindOh, that our joy be evident from the overflow of our heart.

Oh, that our peace, love and joy be
measured in smiles.